Our Firm’s Mission

“Having your back, it’s our job.”  This is the mission of our team at the Yashinsky Law Group, LLC. We work tirelessly to ensure your back is covered when it comes to a personal injury. We focus on the practice areas involving car wrecks, trucking accidents, negligent security and a variety of premises liability.  Ours is a unique law firm because we work as a team, not a singular injury lawyer. Our common goal is to get you the compensation you deserve.  I will enlist any help we might need, whether it be expert witnesses, medical consultants or associate other lawyers when the job requires it.  Our job is to get you the best recovery possible and the justice you deserve.

Meet Our Team:

Jeff Yashinsky is the personal injury trial lawyer, Diane Neste works as our Senior Litigation Paralegal and Melissa Yashinsky serves an invaluable role on our legal team as a nurse consultant. Her extensive medical knowledge gives us insight into the medical field, allowing our team to better serve you in the courtroom.

How a Personal Injury or Auto Accident Can Change a Life:

Becoming injured through no fault of your own can completely change your life. You might lose your ability to work and therefore need compensation in order to make ends meet. You also might be in constant pain and have to transition into a new reality where chronic pain rules your life.  When that happens, don’t leave yourself unprotected, hire the experience, hire the hustle, hire The Yashinsky Law Group.

We Look Out for YOU:

Our goal is to seek justice for you or your loved one who has suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence. Our team at the Yashinsky Law Group, LLC willfight the big insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring they fulfill their obligations to you as an auto accident or personal injury victim. Many times, insurance companies try to get out of paying what they owe. We won’t let them get away with this. We will work tirelessly to ensure you get the medical care you need and are adequately compensated for the injuries you have sustained.

How We Are Differ From Other Personal Injury Law Firms:

Our mission is different than other law firms in that we consider you, the client, more than a claim number or the name on a settlement check. We see you as part of our team because we have to work together to ensure that justice is done.  We are passionate about helping you and our goal is to help you return to a semblance of normalcy after a traumatic event that has left you either in constant pain or unable to work the way you did before your accident.

Take Action Today:

Our legal team is ready to talk with you today. Our mission is to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve after suffering an accident due to no fault of your own. We would love to hear from you and talk with you about your case.