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Jeff Yashinsky

Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

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Hi, I’m Jeff. I am a personal injury trial lawyer. My job is to represent people who were injured because of someone else’s negligence. My goal is to secure the fairest, and the most just outcome for my clients. I am a seeker of justice and will personally handle each case that comes to our firm. My concern is for my clients and I will make sure that each case receives the detailed attention it deserves.

Not every case is right for every lawyer. I will recommend you seek a second opinion if my advice doesn’t agree with you. And, if I don’t think I can help your situation, I will find you someone who can. I believe in teamwork and bringing in the right people for the task at hand. Not only will I bring in the support needed to succeed, but, I will even associate additional attorneys if I think it will achieve a better result, at no additional cost to you.

As far as my background, I spent several years working for a national auto insurance company. As a young lawyer, I was trained to fight injury claims and learn the psychology involved in evaluating claims from the insurance company’s standpoint. After gaining valuable trial experience, I eventually moved into an upper-level management position. And while I enjoyed the ascension of the corporate ladder, I knew something was missing. I was making a decent living and providing for my family, but, I was not satisfied going to work every day. I realized I merely had a job. Not a career, not a passion, just a job. It was at that moment I realized, I wasn’t satisfied because I was on the wrong side. I know now, more than ever, that my problem was I needed to fight for the injured, not against them. I wanted to give people their opportunity for justice instead of spending my days picking apart medical records and criticizing doctors for being advocates for their patients. I didn’t want to be a defense lawyer anymore. I wanted to be on your side. I wanted to help people.

I spent the next several years working for a personal injury firm in Woodstock. I helped build a successful practice that had a niche for cervical injuries and slip and fall cases. I learned how to handle plaintiff cases from beginning to end. Opening files, securing the evidence and documents needed to push the case through the demand stage, and, what buttons to push and levers to pull in order to maximize recoveries without having to take the next step. I also honed my ability to evaluate injuries and build a network of medical providers, medical funding companies, health insurance providers, investigators and expert witnesses, needed to pursue the full value of many serious injury claims. When it was called for, I did what I had to do and litigated cases all the way to trial and beyond. I was finally doing the work I was born to do. And then, in the early part of 2017, it was time to forge my own path.

On February 1st, 2017, I opened The Yashinsky Law Group. I united the networks I had built and applied the lessons I have learned along the way so that I can now manage my cases with a creative and innovative approach. Because the personal touch is important to our mission, our firm prides itself on handling your case from beginning to end. Whether that means a simple letter demand or taking the case all the way to trial, my goal is to do everything in my power to deliver the fair and just recovery our clients deserve. My focus is on building relationships and learning about the people I represent. I believe in teamwork and hustle. My clients will never feel like they are just a claim number, or, merely a name on a settlement check. Although there is always more to learn, I love what I do and my results speak for themselves. That’s me, that’s my firm. It’s that simple.

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