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Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and falls are one of the most common ways that people are injured. All too often, property owners and businesses fail to manage dangerous conditions or slippery substances to protect their customers and guests. Sometimes they don’t install proper handrails or fail to meet safety code regulations.

Regardless of the type of negligence, you are entitled to be compensated for your loss. We have handled a large number of these types of cases, and we have won despite some very difficult circumstances. If you think someone might be at fault for your injuries, call us and let us give you our opinion.

Comparative Liability

In Georgia, you’ll need to prove an injury required medical treatment and you suffered a financial loss. The insurance company may try to claim “comparative liability.” This means they try to weigh the property owner’s level of responsibility against yours.

This is where an insurance company will say that you should have seen the clear liquid on the floor, despite the fact it was there for hours and no one did their job to clean it up. The reality is, you didn’t make a floor wet or leave the dangerous debris lying around. So, why should they point the finger at you? These companies want to save money and reject responsibility for their actions.

That’s where we come in. You will benefit from having an experienced legal team help stand your ground and get fair treatment under the law. The Yashinsky Law Group, LLC will fight the insurance giants and get you the compensation you deserve. We work as a team and will band together to seek justice for real people with real problems.

Negligent Security

If your personal injury or loss was due to a lack of reasonable security on liable property, we can also help you. If someone was able to intentionally harm you or commit a crime that could have been prevented if the place you were located had better security, you are eligible to claim for negligent security. We can make sure you receive justice for these wrongful acts.

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